Our Magic Process

Our mission is to empower children to become skilled magicians and storytellers, fostering their creativity and boosting their self-esteem along the way. As they create their own magic, we believe they are also creating memories that will last a lifetime. So, come join us on this enchanting journey, and let's unlock the magic within each child, one trick at a time.

Once we're confident that the previous trick has been mastered, we move on to the exciting part—introducing a brand new magical illusion. These new tricks are carefully selected to both challenge and engage young magicians, expanding their repertoire and honing their skills with every session.


Most tricks are designed to be taught within a single lesson, and our experienced instructors guide students through the step-by-step process, providing expert tips and insights to ensure their success. However, mastery comes with practice, and we encourage our young magicians to continue practicing at home to perfect their newfound skills.


To make the learning experience even more enriching, we provide all the necessary props and materials for each trick as part of the lessons. This means that each student magician leaves our sessions not only with the knowledge and confidence to perform their magic but also with the tools and props required to dazzle and amaze their family and friends

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Magic Lessons

About Our Magic Lessons

Our passion for magic extends beyond mere performance; we relish the chance to inspire and educate the next generation of magicians. There's something truly magical about seeing the spark of creativity and wonder in a child's

eyes as they learn to create their own enchanting illusions.


Our lessons for beginners are designed to be a captivating journey into the world of magic, with each session lasting approximately 30 minutes. Located at our welcoming office in Regina, these lessons provide a nurturing and supportive environment for budding magicians to explore and develop their skills.


Our teaching approach is structured and comprehensive, ensuring that each student gains a solid foundation in the art of magic. We kick off each lesson by revisiting and reviewing the trick that was taught in the previous session. This serves as a valuable opportunity for students to reinforce their knowledge and enhance their performance.

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